This site is a blackboard for sketching, drafting, writing and exchanging ideas about the near future of space habitation. It focuses on the emerging orbital settlements - manned or not - and is interested in forecasting their eventual srawl in relation to the global super urbanization. It is clear that the process has started already driven by the technological advancements, and it will be fueled further by the demographic growth and increased burden on the planet. The site welcomes everyone who is interested in imagining the ultimate megabuilding-megacity - The Spacescraper - as a dream or as a nightmare.

Book fact sheet

Prospective publisher: Columbia University Press

Cover: Soft
Format: Landscape
Page Dimensions: 13.5”x7.5” (14"x8", 4200x2400 px)
Page spreads will open flat
Color: full
Resolution: 300dpi
Font: Isocpeur
Font size: 10pt paragraphs, 16pt titles
Paragraph spacing: single space

Each participant will have 1 or 2 spreads (28"x8") to describe his/her vision.

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