This site is a blackboard for sketching, drafting, writing and exchanging ideas about the near future of space habitation. It focuses on the emerging orbital settlements - manned or not - and is interested in forecasting their eventual srawl in relation to the global super urbanization. It is clear that the process has started already driven by the technological advancements, and it will be fueled further by the demographic growth and increased burden on the planet. The site welcomes everyone who is interested in imagining the ultimate megabuilding-megacity - The Spacescraper - as a dream or as a nightmare.

Space elevator

The Space elevator is an alternative way to rocket technology for transportation to outer space. It presents an automated payload lift running on a permanent cable connection between Earth's surface and a geostationary satellite. The concept rests on perfectly sound physics and the problems to be resolved are purely technological. With the rapid development of carbon nanotube science it is estimated that the first space lift will take place within the first two decades of 21-st century.
The Space elevator will be a major catalyst for entering a new intensive stage of orbital construction. It will promote the Spacescraper, exactly as the invention of the elevator has led to the introduction of the skyscraper in the past.

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Brian Dunbar said...

The concept rests on perfectly sound physics


and the problems to be resolved are purely technological.

Not really, sorry. I wish it were so. There are some interesting legal implications for a fixed tether; is it a (tall) building? If so it might not be a launch system as defined by the UN Outer Space Treaty. Political problems - who runs an SE and what laws does it operate under? Not to mention the organizational problems.

These are, certainly, squishier problems than the technical ones but will be harder to solve. And they must be resolved before we can build.

brian dunbar