This site is a blackboard for sketching, drafting, writing and exchanging ideas about the near future of space habitation. It focuses on the emerging orbital settlements - manned or not - and is interested in forecasting their eventual srawl in relation to the global super urbanization. It is clear that the process has started already driven by the technological advancements, and it will be fueled further by the demographic growth and increased burden on the planet. The site welcomes everyone who is interested in imagining the ultimate megabuilding-megacity - The Spacescraper - as a dream or as a nightmare.

Spacescraper and astrology

From Earth’s surface the Spacescraper will be a new permanently present object in the sky. Its bright appearance on the celestial scape will spark imagination, worship and fear. Since the humble scientific progress seems to have no effect on the thriving superstitious beliefs, it is very probable that the Spacescraper’s phase and position will play a major role in predicting future, choosing lucky numbers or finding soulmates. Advanced horoscopes based on the Spacescraper will be much more accurate and definitive that older astrological approximations. Powerful computer arrays will be employed by the yellow press in order to provide adjusted daily horoscope profiles for people actually born on the Spacescraper. Since their birthplace, date and time will be floating variables, their future will be quite unclear as well.

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