This site is a blackboard for sketching, drafting, writing and exchanging ideas about the near future of space habitation. It focuses on the emerging orbital settlements - manned or not - and is interested in forecasting their eventual srawl in relation to the global super urbanization. It is clear that the process has started already driven by the technological advancements, and it will be fueled further by the demographic growth and increased burden on the planet. The site welcomes everyone who is interested in imagining the ultimate megabuilding-megacity - The Spacescraper - as a dream or as a nightmare.

Spacescraper and Historic Preservation

Historic preservation movement emerges when rapid development and overgrowth surpasses human limits of acceptance. Obsolete technologies that have been conceived as useless junk start quickly to gain sentimental meaning and obtain true cultural value. Constant need for comparison with past when measuring current moment supersedes concerns about cost and effort. Scrap canister-like modules from the heroic late 20-th century will be priceless and highly desirable. Destruction of Mir on March 23rd 2001 will be relegated by preservationists as extremely reckless and wasteful act. Reconstruction and replication of long lost historic modules will create the new profession of the Space artificer. In order to get exact replicas of early spacecraft not only ancient technologies will be used but also archaic societies will be recreated in controlled compounds. Teams of “communists” and “capitalists” will replay the Cold War and its ultimate showcase - the Space Race - in order to reproduce true Sputnik, Apollo or Mir.

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